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CompuGraphics is a leading company specialized in financial software and the supply of financial stock prices worldwide. Using passionate efforts and highly advanced technology, CompuGraphics creates significant added value and excellent results for investors.

Price data and Software are perfectly coordinated

The years of experience in reliable financial price data in combination with beautiful investment software makes CompuGraphics unique to its competitors. This makes the company one of the few in its sector that offers both products simultaneously. And that is a significant advantage.

Why choose TransStock Investment Software?

Euronext is the leading pan-European stock exchange with almost 1300 listed companies. The New York Stock Exchange contains 2,500 companies and the technology exchange Nasdaq 3100 companies. As an illustration, these are only three stock exchanges and the total is already 6900 companies. Add to this number the stock exchange of London, Frankfurt, Madrid, and Italy … the number of companies in which you can invest is therefore immense.

On the one hand, a limited number of these companies perform brilliantly, but on the other hand, the majority of them do less or companies lose. How do you, as an investor, make the right choice? Are the purchase recommendations offered to you reliable? Are you satisfied with the results obtained? Do you receive a sell advice in time?

Trade on stock exchanges with the most potential

Thanks to the investment software TransStock, you immediately see which stock exchanges have the most potential. You can see which sectors perform best. Moreover, in the meantime, you will see which companies score best in these sectors.

Interesting buy and sell signals

You get a buy signal on a promising share when all parameters point upwards. If the upward trend of the share reverses, you will receive a sell signal in time. That way, you will keep your profits.

Install the TransStock investment software on your computer and save a lot of time. You can find promising shares much faster. As a result, you significantly increase your chances of success. In addition to shares, you can also follow up investment funds, trackers, coins and others in the same way.

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From investors with experience
Beleggingssoftware TransStock

Investment software

TransStock is the perfect investment software used by many professional stock exchange traders.

It is the most advanced and user-friendly software for your investments and portfolio management. TransStock helps you to follow your stock market transactions.

You also have access to all market data, which is important for finding the most promising investments.

CompuGraphics Portefeuillebeheer - TransFolio

Portfolio managementr

You have accounts with different banks and you follow shares, mutual fund options and other investment products. What is the total return on your investments?

You have regularly added cash. How much is the return without those transactions?

TransFolio, offers you all options regarding portfolio management. Is it a simple portfolio, consolidated portfolios, club portfolios or portfolios for fund managers? TransFolio offers you the solution.

CompuGraphics - Modelportefeuilles Beursgrafiek

Model portfolios

Link your portfolio with a robot-driven investment portfolio.

Do you want more free time?
Or a higher return?

Then the advice website is an absolute must.

Offered as web application with free updates. At most two transactions per month and you decide whether or not to buy.

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Learn to invest

From investors with experience
Questions about investing?

How do you start your first investment in the stock market?
What is the difference between a bank and a broker?

What do your profits add up to?
How can you save on expenses?

How do I know that my bank is safe?
Do I quickly get back to my money?

We get this kind of questions every day.
We look forward to guiding you in this.

Do you have a similar question?

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On the internet, you can read articles about discipline, follow the herd, learn to spread, control your emotions and start with fictional money on a fictitious account …

In our opinion, you should start by following a proper investment course.

In itself, it is a small investment. You come into contact with other investors, and you also hear their stories. In a very short time, you will learn that theory and reality are not the same.

Then you learn the difference between gambling, the crystal ball and investing.

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